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The Hilltop Refugio couldn't continue without your donations!! Food alone for our "normal" 30 some dogs, 20 some cats and 10 some horses is about $400 USD a week ... in addition to all their rehabilitation medicines, flea & tick meds for the dogs, vaccinations, spay & neutering ... and everything else they need. Fortunately we are in a country where the cost is veterinarian services are inexpensive ... but the medicines and food costs add up quickly. PLEASE help us help these helpless animals by donating or sponsoring a rescue and following their progress thru rehabilitation ... and hopefully a happy and healthy new life by being adopted to a loving family.

Here are some of the approximate costs we incur on a daily basis (with approx exchange costs)

40 lb bag Dog food . . . . . 600 pesos / $32 USD / $42 CAD
45 lb bag Cat food . . . . . . 750 pesos / $39 USD / $51 CAD
Vaccinations . . . . . 400 pesos / $21 USD / $28 CAD

Spay / Neuter . . . 500 pesos / $26 USD / $34 CAD

Bravecto  .  .  .  900 pesos / $47 USD / $62 CAD  (3 full months protection from fleas, ticks)

We also have one wonderful "Cat Angel" in La Penita that feeds nearly 30 feral cats near her house on a daily basis. She's taken responsibility and trapped each one of them, had them spayed and neutered, vaccinated and de-wormed and released them back in her neighborhood streets where they happily live a healthy life. Now it's our turn to help support her!! She's a wonderful example of what needs to happen in almost every neighborhood !!

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Sponsor your favorite rescue on a monthly basis

If you can't Adopt .... and you can' Foster .... you can definitely help by Sponsoring your favorite Rescue Animal on a MONTHLY BASIS and follow their progress on our Facebook page

CAT ..... 400 pesos a month / $21 USD or $28 CAD

DOG ..... 600 pesos a month / $32 USD or $41 CAD

HORSE ..... 2,000 pesos a month / $105 USD or $138 CAD

These numbers always vary with exchange rates, but 100% of your donation goes to helping these rescues!

Please go to our Facebook Page to see our most current rescues that needs your help at https://www.facebook.com/453921834673729


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Wish List

- Bravecto (3 month protection for fleas & ticks) 

- Dog crates ... especially large and medium

- Towels & sheets

- Horse harnesses & leads

- Dog collars ... particularly small and medium ones

- Strong dog leashes 

 (Dollar Store leashes & collars are dangerous because they come apart easily)

- Small cat traps and large dog traps definitely needed! 

 (for trapping feral dogs and cats)

It's best to give us donations of money for food instead of bags of dog or cat food. That way we can insure that our rescues eat the same consistent, quality food that we purchase in quantities. But we never turn down an offer of dog or cat food because we can always share it with locals who can not afford to feed their own dogs ... and we're happy to get it to the needy locals we personally know.

Bravecto is one of our biggest expenses. It protects a dog from fleas & ticks for 3 full months

Bravecto is one of our biggest expenses. It protects a dog from fleas & ticks for 3 full months

Please donate or sponsor an animal

  "Saving one dog or cat will not change the world, but surely for that one dog or cat the world will change forever"  

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card